Top 5 poker universities every 918Kiss player needs to know

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Poker is the game preferred by thinkers and intellectuals. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that professional gamblers who choose to play in one of the most renowned online casinos Malaysia learn and master their craft at one of the top poker universities in the world although not every successful gambler attends a university to outline strategies that would help them win in the long-run, there are still a lot of world-renowned gamblers who take in poker and gambling knowledge from certified professors. Here’s our pick of five best poker universities in the world and how they can help you become better at gambling in an online casino.

Harvard University

Charles Neeson believes that poker can teach students how to think strategically. And he has made sure to choose the right platform for spreading that word. Generally, you won’t hear the words poker and Harvard University in the same sentence. But the University has had its program for strategic thinking for a long time with tuition fee ranging up to $33,000. Gamblers and players in online casinos Malaysia are driven and motivated to do well, but they have more than just motivation; they have the right knowledge that equips them to strategies better. Charles Neeson’s program helps you get that knowledge.

Yale University

Just like Harvard, Yale is committed to producing highly trained poker players that go on to play in online casinos Malaysia. With its Poker Strategic Thinking Society, the University has a dedicated staff that has produced players like Matt Matros and Alex Jacob.

Trinity College

Internationally renowned poker players come from all walks of life and diverse regions of the planet. In Dublin, they choose Trinity college. The college is the breeding ground for the next generation poker players who go on to win championships at 918Kiss and other online casinos Malaysia.

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is one of the top universities in the world that have a thriving poker culture. The University has card rooms that allow students to hone their skills and learn the strategies that work best for online casino Malaysia games.

University of Waterloo

Some call it “The Poker Factory” given the fact that the University has a proactive approach towards helping students excel at online casino poker games. The tuition fee for the University is around $ 8,000,  but given that it produces remarkably trained students, this amount is nothing. They take it very seriously up at Waterloo so much so that they have a separate department that is committed to helping students become good at strategic thinking. Online casino Malaysia players who aspire to be world renowned and successful poker players can definitely consider Waterloo among their top 5 choices for college.

We are by no means asserting that going to a poker university is crucial for online gambling success. However, universities do play a key role in helping aspiring gamblers learn the tips and tricks of the games that ultimately helps them build a robust strategy. One size doesn’t fit all, and a poker university can help you define your very own gambling strategy and build expertise that you can utilize for years to come.