Social Casino Apps

In 2014 research from Distimo, it was determined that Playtika, Big Fish Games, and Zynga were the most popular developers in the world for social casino apps. Here you can find out about those developers, their apps, and how they compare to real money apps.

Fun vs. Social vs. Real Money Apps

In the proposed battle in the title, fun casino apps are those in which players download games solely for the purpose of playing against a computer opponent. They have no intention of competing in a social context and are more interested in relaxing with a laid-back gaming experience. Popular options for these apps will likely be poker, roulette, and blackjack – other card games as well.

Games like social casino slots add a new dimension to the concept of playing for fun. Players can still find their games on platforms like Google Play, the App Store, and Facebook, only now they are connected with each other and compete by trying to generate higher winnings and building up more points. However, these differ from the concept of social casino real money wagering because serious bets are not made.

Real money apps provide the final layer, but these are far from being an actual market, as Facebook is still restricting the concept of real money wagering on social casino apps. One of the only comparative prospects is Bingo Friendzy, which is developed by Gamesys and lets users play bingo games for money. Social apps currently depend on in-app purchases for generating revenue, with real money purchases outlawed for the most part.

Interestingly, some casino developers have aligned themselves with free social app developers to prepare for the potential future opening up of the marketplace. The link between IGT and Big Fish Games is one such example of a strategic partnership.

Facebook vs. Native Apps for iOS and Android

To be honest, this is the least hostile battle of the three. As you will soon see, the major social developers ensure that their apps are available across all three platforms, including Facebook, Android, and iOS. Ideally, developers want players to access their apps from their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

As for advantages, the obvious one is that Facebook players have a larger screen to play on when they access games on laptops of PCs. Similarly, this can also be said for playing apps on tablets rather than smartphones.

A potential on-going disadvantage for mobile operating systems is the fact that apps have to be updated regularly. Basically, you need a modern device that is first and foremost capable of running the latest mobile operating system. Secondly, you then have to ensure that the latest version of the app is installed. In summary, Facebook is a relatively simpler experience because the updates of laptop browsers are less intrusive.

Slotomania vs. Big Fish Casino

Slotomania was first launched in 2010 and has since gone on to be a major success. So much so that Playtika, the Israel-based developer behind the game, was later sold on to Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment. As of 2011, Caesar’s held a stake of 51{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} in Playtika.

The success of Slotomania is not only down to the engaging design of the app, but also from the fact that players on Apple iOS, Android, and Facebook are brought together while playing it. In the social casino sphere, that is the all-powerful trifecta that the most successful developers have to aspire to for their apps.

In the other corner of the battle is Big Fish Casino, a social app developed by Big Fish Games. Founded in 2002, the developer does not have quite the same backing as Playtika. Nevertheless, Big Fish Games claim to receive more than 1.5 million downloads across its various apps each day.

Compared to Slotomania, Big Fish Casino has only received 134,000 downloads next to 534,000 downloads on Google Play for the former. When you consider Facebook and App Store downloads, it is a similar situation. Players have spoken in huge volumes and they consider Slotomania to provide the definitive social casino experience.

DoubleDown Casino is another social app worth considering alongside Slotomania and Big Fish Casino. You can also find it across Facebook, Apple iOS, and Android. Among the games are slots, roulette, blackjack, and video poker.