Mobile Roulette

Roulette casino apps are not all created equal. Some developers are talented and observant enough to understand the intricacies of optimising mobile roulette games for smartphone screens. Comparatively, smartphones are a few inches smaller than tablets. This presents an obvious concern in that the game won’t be as functional as it needs to be.

When you consider the structure of roulette, with the need to display a wheel and the betting grid, this is much more complex than for developing mobile slots or card games. Consequently, some poorly designed versions will make it tough to place some of the more complex bets on betting grid. Mobile roulette will only be good as the developer that created the game. Thankfully, though, we can provide effective recommendations.

Roulette Odds

The fundamental consideration for roulette odds stems from which version you play. For instance, an American roulette wheel features 38 pockets numbered from one to 36. The two additional pockets are for zero and double zero. The presence of two outcomes that cannot contribute to the most basic bets means that the house edge in American roulette is 5.26{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8}. That is the edge working against a red/black outcome.

Moving on to European roulette, the wheel consists of just 37 pockets. Similar to American roulette, the wheel is numbered from one to 36. But instead of having zero and double zero, there is just zero. Consequently, the house edge on basic bets like red/black is just 2.7{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8}. Playing the odds is important in any form of gambling, but roulette is an example of how the simplest choices can make all the difference.

Casinos with Mobile Roulette

Roulette is a pillar of any casino in the world, be it land-based or digital. You will have your pick of mobile casinos with roulette. To help guide your search, here are five potential mobile casinos at which to play:

  • LadyLucks – Both versions are American roulette, but only one of them features HD graphics. This Probability PLC-powered mobile casino has a £5 no deposit bonus and 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus to claim.
  • Thrills – A casino with an eye for style, Thrills offers a solid platform on which to play mobile roulette. The best deal available for newbies is to snap up a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus plus 50 free spins with a first deposit.
  • – Experience the elite quality of a mobile casino powered by Playtech software. The design impressive and so is the functionality. New players can claim a £20 free play offer plus a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus.
  • mFortune – Intouch Games is the developer behind mFortune Casino. Although this version is more basic than some of the others on this list, you do get to play European roulette and enjoy a lower house edge. Claim £5 to try it for free.
  • Moobile Games – This is the second site powered by Probability software, so you can expect the same experience as LadyLucks. The intro deals include a £5 without deposit and a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} bonus for a first deposit.

Roulette Systems and More

Roulette is a polarising game for discussing strategy. Some players swear by following up a winning bet by only betting half on the next spin. In contrast, others will double their bet after a loss to try and compensate on the next spin. The problem with both of those strategies, though, is that roulette is not a game where you simply reverse the outcome with the next spin.

Even if you make the same bet again on a basic outcome like red or black, there is no guarantee that it will swing straight back. It is always possible for four reds in a row to land as you resolutely stick with black. By this point, some bettors will have lost all their chips pursuing a baseless strategy.

Even advanced roulette systems that require you to count are not worth the time. Roulette is a game in which a metallic ball drops into slots at random. The most effective approach is to cover the various outcomes by betting on combinations of streets, corners, and portions of the grid. Always walk away after a solid winning streak. The wheel can turn on you suddenly.

To finish, always consider the type of roulette that you are playing. American roulette features a zero and a double zero, which increases the house edge. European roulette only has zero, which is closer to being in your favour.