Mobile Blackjack

Compared to tablet devices, smartphone screens are at least a couple of inches smaller. As a result, there is less space on which to display information-heavy casino games. Unless a developer has arranged the screen in an optimal way, table games like roulette and craps can appear cluttered on smartphones. A major consequence is that the games can be tough to play.

But where mobile blackjack is so successful is its utter simplicity. You start a hand with two cards and attempt to hit 21 within five cards. The demands on screen space just aren’t the same as for roulette and craps. Thus, it is much easier to find well-made versions of blackjack for mobile devices.

Favourable Odds

Odds are another reason why mobile blackjack should prove enticing. Provided you are familiar with the various odds and outcomes, it is possible to decrease the house edge to just 0.8{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} when you make the right decisions. In comparison, craps can feature a house edge of 16.67{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} during certain points in the game.

For your blackjack playing strategy, you have to remember that the real aim of the game is merely to finish on a better hand than the dealer. This means that you should not go chasing highly unlikely outcomes. For instance, don’t go searching for a three or lower when you already have 18. Quite simply, the safest strategy is to stand on 17 or higher. However, this can vary depending on the value of the dealer’s display card.

Prior to playing for real money, you should really consider practising on blackjack casino apps. There are loads to browse through on the App Store and Google Play. Simply perform a search and choose one that is highly rated on the five-star system.

Casino Sites with Mobile Blackjack

There is a plethora of mobile casinos with blackjack. In fact, a mobile casino is almost not worth playing at unless it does have mobile blackjack.

  • LadyLucks – Probability PLC, a developer that specialises in mobile slots, provides the gaming software. There is just one game, but this is a multi-hand version boasting HD graphics. Try it for free with a £5 no deposit bonus. Next up there will be a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} deposit bonus.
  • Thrills – Experience mobile blackjack within the stylish surroundings of Thrills Casino, where you can start off with a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus and 50 free spins for Staburst.
  • – Playtech is a worldwide games developer and responsible for providing a visually stunning mobile version of blackjack to Try it with a £20 free play deal and a 200{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus.
  • mFortune – By far the simplest mobile blackjack game can be found at mFortune. You can only play with a single hand and the options are limited. A £5 no deposit bonus will let you try it for free, after which you can get a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} first deposit bonus.
  • Moobile Games – This site is also powered by Probability software, which means that you again have a multi-hand version of HD blackjack. You can also try it for free by claiming a free fiver without deposit. The cash match bonus is worth up to £150 with a first deposit at the site.

Final Advice

As you become more advanced at mentally processing the odds of blackjack, it is possible to increase your potential for winning. And this can prove to be especially lucrative because of the relatively favourable house edge on blackjack.

The best method in which to do so is by playing a multi-hand version of blackjack. Sites like will typically have a couple of options for multi-hand. Basically, this allows for you to play multiple hands at the same time. A recommended amount is to play with a maximum of three. Any more and you can start to lose track.

One thing to avoid are the versions where you can cover special outcomes, such as perfect pairs, as these rarely happen and will only drain your bankroll. However, some might deem it a worthy investment to cover a progressive jackpot in blackjack.

To conclude, it is worth experiencing live dealer blackjack. You will be able to find this via your mobile device when you visit The games are a breath of fresh air when you have been playing isolation for so long. Give it a go and enjoy chatting with a glamorous dealer.