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Android Casino Apps Sites

The 2014 global market for mobile operating systems is currently dominated by Android devices, which possess, a share of more than 40{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8}. Trailing behind Android is Apple with just 20{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8}. That variation between the two operating systems provides a clear enough explanation as to why casino software developers have been rushing to develop dedicated Android casino apps and improve compatibility with web browsers.

Casino Apps

Going back to 2012, developers were still playing catch-up in the production of casino apps for Android. However, this was due to Apple’s iOS having been the dominant platform up until that point. Quite simply, most developers had committed to going with what they considered to be the hot hand of mobile operating systems. Soon enough it was determined that Android did not have enough coverage.

Browser-Based Casinos

After Apple relinquished control to Android in the mobile operating system battle, some developers merely responded by creating mobile apps for Android users. However, others wanted to avoid a scenario where they were forced to chase after every new operating system. The solution was to create one mobile casino in HTML5 that all modern mobile devices could use.

Microgaming has been a key driving force within browser-based casinos, and the results have certainly impressed. More developers are following suit and creating mobile games to work within browsers. The result has been much better for players, who now have greater access and don’t have to wait so long for games.

Apps vs. Browsers

The appeal of casino apps is that developers have gone to great lengths to optimise their design in favour of specific devices. As a result, this helps to ensure that few technical issues ever occur. Apps are ideally produced for specific devices. They never function as well if they are quickly converted from Android to iOS or another platform – time needs to be spent to perfect them.

Continuing with time, this is the major disadvantage of online casino apps. Developers simply do not have enough time to create apps to cover each platform. This is why Apple casino players have been taken care of since the advent of mobile casinos, whereas Android players had to wait until a couple of years later for their apps.

Comparison with Apple

When focusing on casino apps, there isn’t a major difference when you compare Android with Apple. The best apps are highly responsive whether you play on smartphones or tablets. However, Android users with lower quality devices might notice diminished visuals or slower performance. In addition, a poor wireless connection will result in a lagging performance. Overall, the biggest point to make is that Apple apps are more consistent, but only because of the devices.

Real Money vs. Just-for-Fun

There are plenty of free casino games for Android. Head over to Google Play and you will be able to perform a quick search and find lots of options. These can vary in purpose, with some intended for players to practise games and get to grips with rules. For instance, free apps for roulette, blackjack, and poker are ideal for this purpose. Some of the more popular apps include the following:

  • DoubleDown Casino – Play blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker.
  • Big Win Casino – Play online slots against your friends an attempt to beat them in the leaderboards.

Fun apps are great for passing the time and putting a temporary halt on your wagering. Every now and then you need a break, so why not give them a try? They won’t provide the rush of a cash jackpot, but can they can connect you with friends.

Recommended Android Casinos

Casino Banker is here to provide a complete guide to cover your Android casino experience. Having covered all of the major topics so far, now is the moment for sharing the best sites at which you can play Android casino games. Check out your hottest prospects below:

  • – The headline deal to claim from is the £20 free play bonus. Try all of the site’s impressive Playtech mobile casino games before later nabbing the 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus.
  • mFortune – Sign up for a £5 no deposit bonus and mFortune will link you directly to the games you wish to play. New players will also be able to snap up a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} bonus on their first deposit.
  • LadyLucks – You can have access to an advanced selection of HD slot games just as soon you claim the £5 bonus with no deposit required. When you do deposit, there is a £500 welcome package waiting.
  • PocketWin – Rounding out the Fantastic Four is a site that is also offering a £5 free no deposit bonus. PocketWin lets you pay from your phone bill and offers first-time depositors a 100{6dc9acfe4e457ae7de1df31c7aab43b46f34b85521673b5efd417c610c7cecf8} welcome bonus.

A great strategy is to claim the no deposit bonus funds from each site. That way you will know exactly what each is like – and all without spending any money!