5 918Kiss online slot games to play in 2019

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The glittering coins, the buzz,  and the eye-catching graphics are just a part of the thrill in an online casino Malaysia. Every slot game offers a unique opportunity for gambling enthusiasts to not only have a good time but make tons of money in the process. So have you decided which slot games you will be playing this year? If not, then here are the top 5 games you can find in online casinos Malaysia this year.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

Do you Remember Frankie Dettori’s historic day? He rode all seven winners in the British Champions Day in 1996, making a significant record in the history that is still remembered today. 918kiss gamblers who love sports and have been a fan of Dettori since his epic world record will find Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven an enthralling online casino experience. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the slot game offers an interesting set of symbols that readily garner the player’s attention hence allowing for fully immersive play time.

Age of the Gods

Age of God’s has been a trending game on various online casinos Malaysia for a long time. The game offers 5 reels with 20 paylines and brings all the Greek mythical Gods to life. You can get to play with your favorite Gods including Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, and many more! The game offers tremendous bonuses that are enough to keep you engaged over time.

Deal or No Deal

Are you a fan of King Noel Edmonds?  Did you enjoy the massive famous TV show ‘Deal or No Deal?’

If yes, then you will enjoy this 5 reel and 20 payline slot with a progressive jackpot geared towards helping you win substantial money. The graphics of this 918kiss slot game beautifully capture the essence of the game show and keep you engage till the very end.

Beach Life

Beach life is another popular slot game that has been trending for a while. And it’s not just it’s massive jackpot that makes it so appealing, it’s the graphics and the overall aesthetics of the game that draw the 918kiss players towards it. The slot game offers a number of free spins and bonuses that keep the game interesting and challenging for the players.

Circus of Cash

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash is one of those 918kiss slot games that just never get old.  Along with a progressive jackpot, the game offers a plethora of bonuses that allow you to keep going. You can easily sign-up and sign in to start playing the game without having to go through any additional step. The payment system is encrypted with 120-bit encryption, so you don’t have to worry about payment security when you place bets or withdraw your money.

In 2019, a lot of game developers from around the world introduced new gaming games. While these new games offer a great return for those who are persistent enough, it is always wise to try some of the previous games. This will allow you to get a hang of the games that have been popular and possibly develop a strategy that you can use for the new games.